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Protein Protein Protein

How are you getting your protein?  That is often a question for those who work out. 

There can be many sources. The most common one is probably whey protein. There is also soy isolate, pea, brown rice, hemp, and the list goes on. They all have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your own body.  

From recently doing a round of Whole30, I have been very conscious of what I'm consuming (see my Whole Lotta Whole30 post for more info). And during the Whole30 round, I eliminated dairy products so that excluded whey. I also excluded grains and legumes so that left out pea and brown rice protein, a common vegan alternative. And I've had hemp protein before and let's just say I would rather eat dirt. 

So I was on a search to find a clean protein to replace my post-workout whey shake. Enter in RX Bars. These are so delicious and the dark chocolate sea salt are Whole30 compliant. Score!  I was buying them hand over fist, finding deals on line, cutting coupon…

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