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Is that a Fish in Your Packet?

Maybe being Lent season you are thinking about fish on Friday. Or it's a weekday and you want something to spice up your routine. Or you are looking for something easy, delicious and healthy.  Ok, maybe it's me. But if you happen to be thinking of any of these things, look no further! This dish has it all. It's easy. It's spicy. It's fish(y)!

I normally prepare fish packets in the summer when the house is hot. These are great on the grill. The other night I made them in the oven which I don't think I've ever done. It was a cold winter night so maybe I was longing for those hot July days.

I looked back on my Instagram and saw lots of pictures of fish packets. All shapes and colors of them too. That's what I love about this beside being easy; it's also versatile. Once you get a hang of making them (which is easy to pick up) you can change the favor profile to fit your mood. Maybe you want something a little more Mediterranean. No problem, use sweet basi…

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